Every U.S. Citizen Has a Public Record

Every U.S. citizen has a public record, it's how the government keeps track of people. Most of this publicly collected information is available for anyone to see.

Every U.S. citizen has a public record and because of The Freedom of Information Act of 1966 ( FOIA ) this information is publicly available. Public records may include; births, deaths, marriages, divorces, arrests, driving citations, liens, warrants, court records, incarcerations, social media and much more. Public records are a way for the government to keep track of it’s citizens.

 The FOIA makes most publicly collected information by the government available to all. Public records are a means of tracking people and paint a picture of their past. This can be useful when referencing a person’s background for a multitude of reasons such as; identity verification, criminal history, driving history, safety concerns, where a person lives and more. This information can be procured at a national, state, county and city level. These records can be obtained in person at a county recorder’s office or the relevant public facility in which the public record was documented.

Information is the Currency of Democracy

Thomas Jefferson, Former President of the United States

 With the advent of the internet, public records can be obtained online. Most of the time online public record repositories are used for reference only but this method proves to be time saving if a physical copy is not needed. Many websites offer public record searches with a simple name search. One important thing to note is when searching online there are many people with the same name so additional information is recommended to verify public records. This can be an address, someone’s age or listed relatives.

 The United States is one of the few countries in the world that allows it’s citizens to access government collected information. “In today’s society it’s important for people to know more about who they associate with,” states a Search Quarry spokesperson. He continues to state, “It’s our right to know and it’s a widely used resource.”

Source: SearchQuarry.com


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