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U.S.-based public records resource utility enables information on vehicle records, driving records, traffic citations, driving history, criminal DUI/DWI arrests and more; interested parties no longer have to visit the DMV.

SearchQuarry (, a United States-based public records resource utility designed to assist in locating public records information online, offers a multitude of DMV records to search and free tools that anyone can use without having to sign up as members, including driving records, traffic citations, driving history, criminal DUI/DWI arrests and more. With the use of SearchQuarry’s intuitive utility, users are no longer forced to visit their local DMV and endure the long lines commonly associated with such visits.

As a California-based public records resource utility, SearchQuarry consists of a paid member’s area and access to several free tools so visitors could locate nationwide public records information quickly and easily. In addition to the DMV records,SearchQuarry assists, via its free tools, with locating federal, state, county and city agencies within the United States by way of a criminal and traffic court finder, federal courthouse finder, DMV location finder, inmate finder, driving records request forms, county jail finder, state prison finder and police and sheriff department finder. 

Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block traffic

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“Our database has been put together and organized from thousands of sources throughout the United States,” says aSearchQuarry spokesperson. “Our proprietary software makes it easy to search through all of these records very quickly, with any type of public records being sought available in the public records database. Furthermore, our software often finds public records that users not only were looking for, but some they may not even have known about. Examples of DMV records available include driving citations/tickets, non-driving citations, vehicle records, driving history and even DUI and DWI arrest histories.”

All searches completed through SearchQuarry are 100-percent anonymous, with frequent updates made to the database to reflect new information. 

About SearchQuarry

SearchQuarry, as a United States-based public records resource utility consisting of a paid member’s area as well as several free tools, was created to assist in locating public records information online. An aggregator of public records in the U.S., SearchQuarry provides unlimited searches in its member’s area, as compared to many of its competitors which make their customers pay extra for additional searches. Further, SearchQuarry provides an easy-to-use platform for people to search for many different kinds of public records including, but not limited to, criminal records, civil records, court records, driving records, liens records, bankruptcy records and incarceration records. 



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