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Free VIN Number Decoder Now Offering Intuitive Free VIN Decoder Feature United States-based public records resource utility allows users to search Vehicle Identification Numbers database without going to DMV.

 SearchQuarry (, a U.S.-based public records resource utility created to help locate public records information online, now offers an intuitive free VIN Decoder feature. Located at, the search platform allows users to look through the Vehicle Identification Numbers database to gather data related to vehicle year, make, model and body style – all without the hassles of having to make a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Vehicle Identification Numbers were standardized in 1954 for all road-going vehicles, with model years 1981 and newer having a VIN made up of 17 characters (letters and numerals) and the format varying among vehicles prior to that. The VIN provides data with regard to a vehicle’s background, including the manufacturer, model year and where it was built – put succinctly, the VIN records the vehicle’s identity. 

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“We often tell folks, when they call us and ask for detailed information, to think of the Vehicle Identification Number as a car or truck’s DNA,” states a SearchQuarry company spokesperson. “This unique combination of 17 letters and numbers assigned to the vehicle when it is built stays with it throughout its life, even used to track the vehicle as it changes hands and as it is repaired and serviced. If the vehicle is severely damaged and assigned a ‘salvage title,’ this information should appear when the VIN is used to generate a vehicle history report, such as those offered byAutoCheck, Carfax and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. 

“Through SearchQuarry’s free VIN Decoder feature, it is possible to determine the year, make and model by deciphering the placement of the letters and numbers in the VIN, as well as to check for recalls. As a public records resource utility operating in the U.S., our search platform consists of a paid member’s area along with several free tools – such as the VIN Decoder – which were created to assist in locating public records information online.”

While many competitor search systems require customers pay extra for additional searches, allows users to conduct as many searches as they wish. 

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SearchQuarry, as a United States-based public records resource utility consisting of a paid member’s area as well as several free tools, was created to assist in locating public records information online. An aggregator of public records in the U.S., SearchQuarry provides unlimited searches in its member’s area, as compared to many of its competitors which make their customers pay extra for additional searches. Further, SearchQuarry provides an easy-to-use platform for people to search for many different kinds of public records including, but not limited to, criminal records, civil records, court records, driving records, liens records, bankruptcy records and incarceration records. 



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