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For anyone looking to monitor their identity, may be of interest. Search Quarry Identity Monitoring offers around the clock identity monitoring, where users will be alerted of any suspicious activity related to their personal information. This advanced notification allows users to respond quickly and minimize the amount of damage done.

The Search Quarry Identity Monitoring Service monitors the Internet for a person’s personal information being used, bought or sold. Criminals do not always use stolen identities themselves. They know the risk involved with using stolen credit card information. They will sometimes sell the stolen information or even post it online for anyone to see. Search Quarry will alert the user if this happens.

A lot of identity monitoring services only keep track of websites that are indexed by search engines. There are some websites that are intentionally hidden from search engines and can only be accessed by those who know about and are looking for them. These websites are referred to as the dark web. Search Quarry monitors the dark web for the users personal information, so they know they have all their based covered.

My bank must stop trying to sell me identity theft protection. You know why I expect you to protect my money? Because you're a bank.

Bill Maher, Comedian

How Identity Theft Takes Place

Technology is evolving at an alarming rate. With so many online retailers to choose from, many people prefer online shopping. As smartphones have become more widespread, so has the use of online banking applications. These advancements have made everyone’s life more convenient. However, they have also created an element of danger. Identity theft is a growing concern, and many people have been affected by it. 

Identity thieves have ben know to use a variety of methods to steal a user's personal information. They sometimes disguise keyloggers as legitimate software. Once installed on a computer, keyloggers will run in the background and wait until an individual enters their personal information. 

This personal information can include social security numbers and credit card information. The keylogger can then send the personal data to a remote server. It can then be accessed by the identity thief. Having an identity compromised can have may negative effects for the victim. 

The user's personal information can be used to take out loans or to apply for credit cards. This can destroy a person’s credit history, and they could end up having to pay back all of the debts. If the identity thief is charged with a crime and provides stolen information to police, the charge can go on the victim's criminal history. 

A lot of damage can be done before a user realizes that their identity has been stolen. It is important for users to monitor their identity and quickly respond to any suspicious activity.