Adds Comprehensive Free Tools for Public Records Searches

Popular online public records search site announces addition of several free search tools to its comprehensive list of services. recently added several free search tools for site visitors to use. The tools include an inmate finder, a courthouse finder, a DMV finder, a county jail finder, a Unites States prison finder and a request form for driving records. "The DMV finder can be used with the request form database to locate a nearby DMV office and to have access to printable forms the DMV requires for various processes," said a company spokesperson. "The inmate finder is a tool that allows site visitors to search for inmates in any state. Just click on the desired state on the map, enter the person's name and see the results." The spokesperson emphasized that the inmate finder is for inmates in state prisons and not in federal facilities. He went on to explain that the United States prison finder is the correct free tool for finding inmates in federal prisons.

"There are many county jails throughout the United States," the spokesperson continued. "Some people are held there to serve sentences. Some people are held there temporarily while they await trial. It is common for inmates to be moved, and there can be a lot of confusion about facility locations and addresses." He demonstrated how to use the county jail finder to verify addresses and see lists of county jails in various areas. "The federal courthouse finder works the same way," said the spokesperson. "Simply click on the correct state to get started. Federal courthouses are not always in the same locations as county courthouses."

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The spokesperson for said that the main goal for the site is to provide both visitors and members with valuable information they can use. "We want to keep it a central place where people can find public records information instead of hopping from one site to another," said the spokesperson. "Most visitors find it so convenient and reliable that they opt for our 5 day trial and then upgrade to an affordable monthly membership." Members receive full access to background search results and unlimited public records information.

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