Adds New Incarceration Search is pleased to announce new search services for searching inmate records, prison records, and jail records. These services make it easy for anyone to investigate whether a given person has been incarcerated.

Search has a new incarceration records search, With this web tool it is now possible to lookup inmate records, prison records, jail records, criminal court records and sentencing records with a simple name search.

If a person does not disclose a criminal record that includes incarceration, then this is a serious concern. People deserve, and have the right to know, the criminal history of other people in the united states. If someone is hiding an incarceration then they might be hiding other important information. This is particularly pressing if the incarceration was for an offense that is relevant to public safety such as a drug-related or a criminal battery offense.

Scientists search for truth. Philosophers search for morality. A criminal trial searches for only one result: proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Alan Dershowitz, Political Commenator

Search Quarry is putting the power in the hands of anyone who wants to be able to learn more about people they know. The motto of this company is "Information is Freedom." In this case, information about incarceration records provides the freedom to make decisions with data that was not previously available. It is always a concern when someone is not forthcoming about something serious. They might be understandably reluctant to share information about an incarceration for fear of the repercussions if other people know about it, but hiding the information is worse than revealing it.

Armed with these new tools, everyone has easy access to all publicly available information about any kind of incarceration. Search Quarry continues to pursue their mission of making information available to everyone, so they are armed with all the data they need to make good decisions. Search Quarry provides an easy way to search many different kinds of public records with a simple and intuitive interface. This includes many legal records in addition to the new services for incarcerations. Any person who wants to find out information from public records needs to rely on a search engine like Search Quarry to do it efficiently, and Search Quarry has the best offerings in the business. This is because of the company's superior interface, greater depth, and fewer restrictions on the searches users can make. These advantages place Search Quarry above their competition, and the new addition of incarceration records only cements that difference even more.