Traffic Citations Cause Insurance Rates to Sky Rocket

Traffic citations, depending on the violation, can cause auto insurance rates to significantly increase.There are many factors that an insurance company evaluates to determine what a person's auto insurance rate is; age, gender, years of driving, accidents, and of course traffic citations. The most common reason for insurance rates to sky rocket is traffic citations.

Getting a traffic citation isn’t the end of the world but it will cause auto insurance to go up. Traffic citations are evaluated on a point value system. The more points a person has, the higher their insurance rates will be. Typically, every 18 months a person is eligible to have one point removed if they attend traffic school. If there is a second ticket then that will stay on that person’s driving record for up to 3 years before dropping off. Insurance companies run what is called a CLUE report that discloses all the losses, tickets and accidents an individual receives in a 7 year period. So if there is a ticket on someone’s driving record the insurance companies will find it.

 Being cited for reckless driving is found to increase an individual’s insurance premiums by the most. reports that it can increase premiums by over 20%. A reckless driving ticket can be 2 points or more and is a big deal in the eye’s of the insurance companies. A reckless driving ticket indicates a high risk driver which translates to a high liability to insure that person.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

George Carlin, Comedian

 A DUI/DWI is the second largest reason for an individual’s insurance rates to increase. If there is an accident involved then other criminal charges will apply. Both reckless driving and a drunk driving violations will typically result in an instant suspension of the driver’s license and possible impound of the vehicle.

Most traffic violations stay on a person’s driving record for 3 years and then drop off. During this duration any person with additional points on their record, especially more than one, will notice a significant increase in insurance premiums. If there is a reckless driving or DUI on the driving record then many insurance companies will no longer insure that person and specialty insurance will be required for that person to be able to be on the road again. This specialty insurance is typically very expensive for obvious reasons.

 “It’s important to verify your driving record once a year for accuracy or errors,” stated by a Search Quarry spokesperson. And continues to say, “An inaccuracy can cost a person hundreds of dollars per year.”

Source: Search Quarry


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