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Search Quarry Vehicle Records releases a vehicle records search where anyone can enter a VIN or license plate number to view vehicle records, essentially eliminating need to visit DMV.

SearchQuarry (, a United States based public records resource utility created to assist in locating public records information online, has announced the launch of its new Vehicle Records Search feature This will allow anyone to locate vehicle records by VIN or license plate number and essentially eliminating the need to visit the DMV. This new feature joins SearchQuarry’s other easy-to-use platforms its customers have been using to search for many different types of public records including criminal, civil, court, driving, liens, bankruptcy and incarceration variations. 

SearchQuarry's company mission is to continue to provide customers with the most relevant data and the fastest searches possible, and the new Vehicle Records Search feature powerfully continues that mission,” statesSearchQuarry’s company spokesperson. “This latest addition to the formidable search platform allows for search elements according to full name of vehicle owner, all known aliases, vehicle make and model, VIN number, license plate number and vehicle history, essentially eliminating the need to deal with those long lines at the DMV.”

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SearchQuarry’s member’s area features a searchable public records database that has been organized from thousands of sources throughout the U.S., the proprietary software making it easy to search through all of these records very quickly. 

Further, this software as implemented by SearchQuarry can find public records that any visitor is looking for, in addition to some they may not even be aware of – examples of public records offered by include arrests, warrants, felonies, misdemeanors, violent crimes, non-violent crimes, driving citations/tickets, non-driving citations, probation records, parole records, marriage records, divorce records, birth records, death records and more.

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